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Global Gifts for Gaza

Global Gifts are a very practical way of delivering help to the children of Gaza this Christmas.    
The Centre for Global Education has been working in the Gaza Strip since 2011 and has successfully delivered a range of education activities to children who are very much on the frontline of the war in Gaza.  

Working in partnership with a Palestinian organisation called the Canaan Institute, we are asking you to show your solidarity with the children of Gaza this Christmas by purchasing three distinct gifts that will directly benefit young people.  The Global Gifts are a very meaningful form of support that will reach the people in greatest need living in highly impoverished and marginalized areas of Gaza.

Please have a look at the three Global Gifts available:

1. Supporting Children in Conflict £10.00 / €13.00

As a result of living in a region under constant siege, many of the children in Gaza suffer from mental health problems manifested through fear, sleeplessness, hyper-tension and a lack of motivation.  UNICEF estimates that following the recent war in Gaza in July and August this year, a total of 370,000 children are in need of ‘immediate psycho-social first aid’.  This gift will enable the Centre and its partner in Gaza, the Canaan Institute, to provide psycho-social support to children through therapeutic education methodologies, structured play and learning activities.  The children’s parents will also receive training on how to extend psycho-social support into the household. 
Supporting Children in Conflict

2. The Gift of Education                £20.00 / €26.00

More than 90 percent of children in Gaza attend school for half-a-day.  This is because of a lack of school buildings caused by the ongoing Israel siege which prevents vital construction materials from entering Gaza.  As a result, most schools have to ‘double shift’ which means that two school populations use the same building every day.  This Global Gift will enable three community organisations in Gaza to provide supplementary education services.  When children are not at school they will visit a local community centre and receive education activities that support delivery of the schools’ curriculum.  This will ensure that the children’s education stays on track despite the lack of full-time school education.
The Gift of Education

3. Promoting Palestinian Culture £50.00 / €64.00

An important part of the Centre’s activities in Gaza involve using education activities that promote and celebrate Palestinian culture and traditions.  It is important in a society with a large disapora and refugee community that these traditions are maintained and passed on to new generations.  This Global Gift will ensure that children enrolled on the Centre’s programmes have the opportunity to learn and perform traditional song, dance, poetry and traditions.  Every year the Centre organises Celebration Days within the communities in which we work and the children organise special performances to celebrate their culture.  Your Global Gift will maintain this cultural work in the future.
Promoting Palestinian Culture

On receipt of your order, the Centre for Global Education will send you an e-mail which will contain a printable Gift Certificate which will acknowledge the purchase of your gift and enable you to send it to a friend or relative.  The certificate contains a Christmas card that you can cut out and keep as recognition of your solidarity with Gaza.

If you think that some of your friends or relatives may be interested in a Global Gift please pass this message to them.

Thank you for your kindness,

The Centre for Global Education Team