Development Reader - An Introduction to International Development Issues

August 2008; ISSN: 1748-135X, 200 pages; 140mm x 215mm; Price £10.00 / €14.00; Published and available from Centre for Global Education

The Development Reader provides an introduction to key international development issues and the main trends in development policy and practice.  The book provides expert analysis on a range of global issues including debt, trade, HIV, gender, child labour, migration and asylum. 

The contributors are a mix of academics, development non-governmental organisation (NGO) staff and development education practitioners representing a rich and diverse range of perspectives on global issues.
The book is aimed at learners and academic staff at third level, particularly in areas related to development issues such as Geography, Sociology, Politics, Human Rights and International Relations.  Students taking modules or courses on development will find the book a useful introduction to key global issues while development NGO personnel can use the text to support their practice.

  • Section One: Development Policy
  • Section Two: The Human Impact of Development Policy
  • Section Three: Asylum, Migration and Development
  • Section Four: Alternative models of development 

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