Exploring Our World

January 2001; ISBN: 0952592916; 210 mm × 297 mm;  Price £15.00 / €21.00; Published and available from Centre for Global Education

Exploring Our World is an active learning resource pack for students at Key Stage 3 in Northern Ireland and Junior Certificate in the Republic.  The pack contains interactive teaching activities designed to support the classroom delivery of Geography in post-primary schools.  It explores a range of international development issues that are closely integrated to the Geography curriculum in the north and south of Ireland.  The packs comes with comprehensive teacher’s notes, photocopiable activity sheets for use in the classroom, and visual aids.

  • Teacher Notes
    • geographical information
    • instructions in the use of activities
    • additional resources
    • useful organisational contacts and webistes
  • Student Booklet
    • photocopiable activity sheets designed for student use
  • Overhead Projector Acetates
    • excellent visual stimulus for students designed to support the resource activities 

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