From the Local to the Global 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780745334738; Edited by Gerard McCann and Stephen McCloskey368 pages; 
published: 20 May 2015; Size: 215mm x 135mm ; Format: Paperback; Published by Pluto Press ; Price: £17.00

In recent years the international development sector has found itself confronting new as well as persistent challenges to poverty eradication and the promotion of human rights. Climate change has loomed large as a crisis for development practitioners as well as environmentalists, with natural disasters occurring with increasing frequency and impacting severely on the most vulnerable in the Global South. The ongoing financial crisis has created recurrent recessions in the global North, while causing budget lines to be reduced for development aid across the Global South. 

From The Local to the Global highlights the extent to which the local and global are interconnected in today’s globalised economy and questions the legitimacy of the neoliberal model of development which propelled us into the crisis. This completely revised third edition takes stock of the international development environment as it embarks on new policy frameworks to confront new challenges.

From The Local to the Global is an indispensable introduction to key development issues such as aid, debt, trade, migration, security, gender in development and climate change.

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