How To Access

What is the member area?
The member area provides CGE member's with additional publications, information and other documents of the Centre, which are normally not accessible for the public or only purchasable.

Everyone who becomes a member of the Centre will get access to the member area as long as their membership is running.

How to access it?

If you are not a CGE member yet:
  1. Become A Member
  2. Receive all information about your membership via email
  3. Get an invitation to the Member Area via email
  4. Set up a Google account with the email address used to sign up to the Centre or login to your existing account.
  5. Access the additional documents and publications 
If you are already a CGE member:
  1. Click on 'Login' in the sidebar or on the following link:
  2. Login to your Google account
  3. Access the additional documents and publications.

We are sorry for forcing you to use a Google account, but our website is using Google technologies.