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The Centre for Global Education produces a wide range of high quality publications that aim to raise of awareness of international development issues and enhance development education practice. Please find below a range of CGE resources available to buy online.

Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review - Tenth Anniversary EditionPolicy & Practice - 10th Anniversary Edition

April 2015; ISSN: 1748-135; 270 pages; 140mm x 215mm; Price: £12.00 / €15.00; Published and available from Centre for Global Education

This is a special commemorative, tenth anniversary collection of the most cited articles to have been published in the Centre for Global Education’s journal Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review over the past decade.  

The journal celebrates and promotes good practice in development education; a radical and transformative educational process that empowers the learner to become actively engaged in efforts to eradicate poverty in justice both locally and globally. Since 2005, Policy and Practice has become an articulate vehicle for debating inequalities within and between the global North and South, and for encouraging active engagement with the issues underpinning poverty and injustice. 

This special collection carries articles by leading scholars in the field who debate issues on the cutting edge of development education practice and the policy environment in which it is delivered.  

Policy and Practice debates and affirms the transformative capacity of education to create a more just and equal world and this is an essential collection for anyone interested in exploring the role of education as a means toward progressive social change.“This special issue of Policy and Practice provides an outstanding view of the state of the field of development education from a range of excellent scholars and practitioners.  

"Once again, this journal demonstrates its success in supporting educators' understanding of the contested areas and edges of development education theory and practice in many parts of the world.” 
Lynette Shultz, Associate Dean, International & Director, Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research, University of Alberta.

ISBN: 9780745334738; Edited by Gerard McCann and Stephen McCloskey368 pages; 
published: 20 May 2015; Size: 215mm x 135mm ; Format: Paperback; Published by Pluto Press ; Price: £17.00

In recent years the international development sector has found itself confronting new as well as persistent challenges to poverty eradication and the promotion of human rights. Climate change has loomed large as a crisis for development practitioners as well as environmentalists, with natural disasters occurring with increasing frequency and impacting severely on the most vulnerable in the Global South. The ongoing financial crisis has created recurrent recessions in the global North, while causing budget lines to be reduced for development aid across the Global South. 

From The Local to the Global highlights the extent to which the local and global are interconnected in today’s globalised economy and questions the legitimacy of the neoliberal model of development which propelled us into the crisis. This completely revised third edition takes stock of the international development environment as it embarks on new policy frameworks to confront new challenges.

From The Local to the Global is an indispensable introduction to key development issues such as aid, debt, trade, migration, security, gender in development and climate change.

The Activist's Handbook

ISSN: 1748-136X ; Edited by: Aisling Boyle and Stephen McCloskey ; Published by: Centre for Global Education; Year: 2011 ; Price: £5.00 / €7.00 / $8.00

This publication is offered as a practical tool to individuals and organisations interested in taking the step from concern about global injustices and curiosity about the wider world to active participation in campaigns and social movements that are trying to change the world for the better. This book provides practical guidance on how to get involved in campaigns, education work and social activism on development issues at home and overseas.  

It contains interviews with three experienced activists who have on global issues in Ireland.  
It also provides examples of organisations and communities that have campaigned on issues from fair trade to tax justice and environmental sustainability.  

The book concludes with a comprehensive listing of local campaigning, development and activist groups with a global focus.  

The Centre for Global Education aims that this publication will help learners and concerned citizens to move from education to activism.

Development Reader - An Introduction to International Development Issues

August 2008; ISSN: 1748-135X, 200 pages; 140mm x 215mm; Price: £10.00 / €14.00; Published and available from Centre for Global Education

The Development Reader provides an introduction to key international development issues and the main trends in development policy and practice.  

The book provides expert analysis on a range of global issues including debt, trade, HIV, gender, child labour, migration and asylum. The contributors are a mix of academics, development non-governmental organisation (NGO) staff and development education practitioners representing a rich and diverse range of perspectives on global issues.he book is aimed at learners and academic staff at third level, particularly in areas related to development issues such as Geography, Sociology, Politics, Human Rights and International Relations.  

Students taking modules or courses on development will find the book a useful introduction to key global issues while development NGO personnel can use the text to support their practice.

Exploring Our World
January 2001; ISBN: 0952592916; 210 mm × 297 mm;  Price: £15.00 / €21.00; Published and available from Centre for Global Education

Exploring Our World is an active learning resource pack for students at Key Stage 3 in Northern Ireland and Junior Certificate in the Republic.  

The pack contains interactive teaching activities designed to support the classroom delivery of Geography in post-primary schools.  

It explores a range of international development issues that are closely integrated to the Geography curriculum in the north and south of Ireland.  

The packs comes with comprehensive teacher’s notes, photocopiable activity sheets for use in the classroom, and visual aids.