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COVID-19 and the Mental Health Crisis in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

This online seminar organised by the Centre for Global Education discusses the challenging living conditions faced by Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon and the impact extreme poverty and marginalisation has on their mental health and overall wellbeing.  Palestinian refugees are excluded from 40 occupations in Lebanon and forced to work in the low-paid, informal job sector.



The event’s guest speaker is Dr Muna Khalidi, vice-president of Beit Atfal as-Somoud, an NGO based in Beirut that provides a range of social services as well as mental health programmes to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.  Dr Khalidi will discuss how extended lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon, as well as the economic collapse of the country, have exacerbated the mental health crisis in these refugee camps.

Wednesday, 21 April at 12.00pm.  Register at Eventbrite