Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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Global Issues Seminars

Seminar Aims

The seminar series is an interactive course designed to give participants an overview of a range of global development issues.  The seminar aims are to:

•  Enhance awareness, knowledge and understanding of international development issues;

•  Engage participants with the challenges of development and their role as agents for change;

•  Support participants in their individual and collective efforts to effect positive social change.

Target Groups

The seminars are primarily aimed at under-graduate and post-graduate students from Queen’s University.  However, the seminars will also be of interest to the staff, volunteers and Management Committees of development organisations, black and minority ethnic groups, and other civil society groups involved in development work.


The seminar facilitators are highly experienced development practitioners drawn from the non- governmental and academic sectors.  They will engage participants in discussion and propose actions on the topics they address.