Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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The Centre’s resource base houses the most complete collection of materials on development issues available in the north of Ireland.  The Centre provides resources to support classroom practice, global youth work and academic research. We have over 1500 books in our library, a wide range of magazines and periodicals, DVDs, videos, CDs, teaching packs and youth work resources you can use for research and which can be borrowed by members.

The Centre’s members are drawn from a range of educational backgrounds including teachers, student teachers, university lecturers, black and minority ethnic groups, schools, voluntary organizations, human rights groups, youth groups and children’s rights organizations. Library members and users of the Centre’s resource base can access a wide range of services, including:

Teaching resources supporting classroom practice.  These resources have been designed to meet the subject learning requirements of the Northern Ireland curriculum from Key Stages 1-4. Teaching materials available in the Centre address a wide range of issues in the context of both developed and developing countries. Resources are categorized according to Key Stage and topic/ country to facilitate easy access by teachers and student teachers. There are also library sections with materials on Global Youth Work and Citizenship Education.

Topic and country reference box files containing articles drawn from the local, national and international print media, fact sheets on development issues, campaign updates, newsletters and magazines. The box files are invaluable to students and researchers needing a wide range of source material on countries and issues. Box file material is for reference only and can be photocopied in the Centre.

Visual Aids classified by subject, country/ region and age group.  Over 1,000 video broadcasts are available on loan and cover national and international issues including high quality films produced by development organisations targeted at primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors.  Visual aids also include an increasing collection of DVDs, CD ROMS and photo packs.

National and international periodicals and journals on consumer, development, economic, environmental, gender and human rights issues, from New Internationalist to Third World Quarterly.  The Centre’s collection of periodicals offers invaluable reference material that provides up-to-date information on local and global development issues.

1,500 book titles with issue and country/ continent categories including children, environment, politics, human rights, development, Ireland, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. The library is continually expanding with new resources requisitioned on an ongoing basis.  New resources are added to our library databases for books and teaching packs and they can be accessed through a computer point in the resource base.

To access these resources you need to become a member of the Centre.

Library Catalogue

This is our complete catalogue, showing all of the books, DVDs, guides, boxfiles, teaching and youthwork resources available from the Centre.

Please note that you must have a current membership in order to avail of our loan services.

Use the tabs at the bottom of the page to move between the different categories, and if there's something in particular you're looking for, just open the relevant category and use your browser's search function to find it (Ctrl/F in Windows or ⌘/F in Mac).

You will notice that each item has a corresponding CGE reference listed in the database.  This reference links to the item's physical location in our library and a general subject; you can find a list of these in the tab called 'CGE References'.  Feel free to contact our Information Officer who will be glad to assist you in locating any items in the library.