Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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External Publications


A briefing on a research report called 'Teaching and Learning about Global Citizenship and International Development in Post-Primary Schools 

A research study that aimed to identify the strengths, possibilities and limits in existing pedagogical and curricular approaches to development education across a range of subjects at post-primary level in Ireland (2011). Audrey Bryan & Meliosa Bracken authors. 

The Development Education Research Centre at the Institute of Education in the University of London is pleased to annouce the publication of its latest research report on the topic of Learning About Development at A level which is an in-depth analysis of the World Development A Level which is becoming increasingly popular around the country. 

‎Following a spike in racist incidents across the North, Trademark Belfast, the anti-sectarian and anti-racist unit of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, undertook research on the subject of racism and the conditions that have enabled racist attacks to proliferate.‎

Tax & Debt Justice

Published by the Center for Economic and Social Rights as a 'Rights in Crisis Briefing Paper' (February 2012), this document aims to persuade those with influence over Irish policy 'to take human rights principles into account in all responses to the (financial) crisis'. 

Ireland, The Global South and International Financial Institutions

This document, published by Debt and Development Coalition Ireland, provides an assessment of Irish government policy toward Southern countries through Ireland's membership of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.