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Reimagining Development

Reimagining Development is a new podcast series from the Centre for Global Education.  The podcast aims to discuss new ways of thinking about and practicing global education and international development with leading thinkers, activists, authors and practitioners in both sectors.  Every episode takes a deep dive into how we learn about global issues and how we can reimagine development to create a world that is equitable, just and sustainable.  The podcast aims to present new ways of thinking about and acting to change our world.

Series one of Reimagining Development features six episodes which are all available on Spotify at:  Details are below:

1. Development in Africa with Professor Howard Stein

Howard Stein is a Professor in the Department of Afroamerican and African Studies (DAAS) and the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan.  In this episode, he discusses how debt, neoliberalism and a dependence on commodities has compromised the capacity of African states to steer their own path toward development.  Professor Stein also reflects on the implications of China’s intervention as a development actor in Africa and how this contrasts with the Bretton Woods model led by the World Bank and IMF.

2. Cuba’s Model of Development with Dr Helen Yaffe

Helen Yaffe lectures in Economic and Social History in the University of Glasgow.  Since 1995, she has spent time living and researching in Cuba.  Her doctoral thesis, undertaken at the London School of Economics, was adapted for publication as Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution by Palgrave Macmillan in 2009.  She discusses Cuba’s model of development which has achieved stunning indicators of human wellbeing despite being subjected to a United States economic blockade for more than sixty years.  She explains how Cuba’s revolution has survived US aggression to carve out a unique approach to development.

3. Global Education as Activism with Colm Regan

Colm Regan is the former head of global / development education in the Irish development agency Trócaire and founder of the NGO, 80:20: Educating & Acting for a Better World. He has extensive experience of policy, advocacy, campaigning and education for social justice in the global North and South. Colm regards global education as explicitly political and rooted in social change.  He discusses his “boots on the ground” approach to global education based on decades of activism.

4. Cross-border Global Education with Dr Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is the CEO of Comhlámh, the Irish Association of International Development Workers and Volunteers. She has considerable experience of the Irish international development and global education sectors having previously worked with Financial Justice Ireland, Children in Crossfire and the Centre for Global Education.  With work experience on both sides of the Irish border in different capacities – research, strategic planning, and policy development – Caroline brings real insight to the question of how we can work effectively in global education on a cross-border basis

5. Critical Global Education with Dr Eilish Dillon

Dr Eilish Dillon is Assistant Professor at the Maynooth University Department of International Development. She has been actively engaged in global education in Ireland for over thirty years.  In this episode she discusses her career in education that has combined teaching in higher education with collaboration and practice with civil society organisations.  Eilish discusses the need for critical education and systems thinking as essential components of effective global learning.

6. Global Education: Past, Present and Future with Professor Douglas Bourn

Douglas Bourn, Professor of Development Education and Co-Director of the Development Education Research Centre at University College London, reflects on how the policy and practice of global education has moved from the margins to the mainstream over the past thirty years.  Reflecting on a career in both civil society and higher education, Professor Bourn shares his thoughts on the current state of the sector and how he sees it moving forward in the future.

"Reimagining Development" has been funded by Irish Aid:

These podcasts have been produced as part of a development education project funded by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Irish Aid is the Government’s overseas development programme which supports partners working in some of the world’s poorest countries. Irish Aid also supports global citizenship and development education in Ireland to encourage learning and public engagement with global issues. The ideas, opinions and comments herein are entirely the responsibility of the Centre for Global Education and do not necessarily represent or reflect DFA policy.