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Stephen McCloskey

Director of the Centre since 1995, Stephen has managed a series of projects in the formal and non-formal education sectors. He has written education and promotional publications and represents the Centre in development networks in the island of Ireland and England, Scotland and Wales. He is also the Chair of Cuba Support Group Belfast.

Main duties:
- To promote development education in the formal and non-formal education sectors in keeping with the organisational objectives of the Centre
- To carry out advocacy / lobbying work on behalf of the Centre to ensure the enhanced practice and resourcing of development education
- Staff management including a leadership role on Centre projects
- To fundraise on behalf of the Centre to ensure the organisation's long-term development and enhance its capacity to provide development education services
- To produce and disseminate publications that promote the Centre's activities
- To regularly revise and update the Centre's mission statement, aims and objectives through the production and implementation of an organisational development plan in three to five year cycles
- To represent the Centre in appropriate development and education networks. 

Orla Devine
Global Learning Programme Coordinator

Orla has worked in the Global Learning sector for over ten years. She holds a Masters in Development Studies and has completed two Masters Modules in Development Education. Prior to the Centre for Global Education, she spent over 8 years working for the British Red Cross youth and schools team and has also spent 3 months monitoring human rights violations in the West Bank for the EAPPI programme. Orla is responsible for the overall coordination of the Centre’s new formal education project in Northern Ireland, the Global Learning Programme, and for meeting programme targets and objectives

Robyn Scott
GLP Communications and Promotions Officer

Robyn is a trained journalist, who also holds a Masters in Communications, Advertising and Public Relations. Over the last eight years, she has worked extensively in communications, journalism and public affairs, including roles with Amnesty International UK and the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE). She is now responsible for coordinating all communications related to the Centre’s Global Learning Programme. Duties include promoting the programme directly to schools and other relevant bodies, managing social media, developing the GLP website and assisting with events.

Anna Grindle
Schools Outreach Officer

Anna's role is to provide information, training and support to schools already participating on the Global Learning Programme, as well as engaging with new schools who have not yet participated on the programme. She'll be running some on-line briefing sessions to introduce teachers to global learning and it's links across the curriculum, she'll also be working with schools to help them further embed global learning through on a whole school basis.  Previous roles include 6 years experience teaching children with speech and language difficulties and social communication needs, working as a Curriculum Adviser in Education for Global Citizenship, and roles focusing on participation of children and young people in service planning and policy-based work. She also worked in Uganda for three years, coordinating an in-service teacher training programme in life skills education.

Helen Ferguson
Administrative Officer

This post is part of the Global Learning Project managed by the Centre and involves carrying out administrative duties that support promotions and communications to teachers and schools and the planning and organization of events, inputting data into databases and other general administrative tasks.

Marie McNeice

Main duties:
- To maintain financial accounts and records for the Centre and maintain separate accounts for projects 
- To manage e-mail and internet correspondence, maintain and update filing systems and handle telephone enquiries. 
- To prepare financial reports and budgets for the Centre and its projects.

Johannes Schroen
Information Officer

In Belfast on a voluntary service with the German organisation 'Eirene', Johannes maintains the Centre's library, compiles and disseminates the monthly E-Bulletin, updates the Centre's website with new resources, events and news, and liases with members through mailings and social. 

Patricia McCann
Policy & Practice Intern

Working on the Centre's flagship publication Policy And Practice: A Development Education Review, Patricia's responsibilities include maintaining the website, promoting the journal and assisting with the editing of articles.