Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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Can you support the work of the Centre for Global Education?

Please help us to sustain the current level of services we offer the public and enable us to enhance our output by supporting educators in new sectors to deliver global education. Funding for global education, particularly from government sources, has been sharply reduced as a result of the global financial crisis while the need for global education training and resources has never been greater.

All public donations are directly allocated toward the support of education services and any contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference. Over the past 25 years, the Centre has broken new ground in delivering training courses on global issues to local communities and carrying out research on important development issues like child labour and migration. We offer the only library on global issues available locally and produce high quality, accessible resources for educators. 

The Centre for Global Education has been delivering development education over the past 25 years and we need your help to continue this important in the future. 

Many thanks.