Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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  • Policy and Practice

    Our flagship journal has enabled us to create academic links across the world. 

  • Research

    The Centre for Global Education has carried out field research on the social and economic conditions of Palestinian refugees across the Middle-East. 

  • Providing Education Services to Palestinian Refugees

    Since 2011, the Centre for Global Education has delivered formal education and psychosocial support to children in the Gaza Strip suffering from the trauma and stress caused by conflict and poverty. 

  • Resource Base

    The Centre for Global Education houses a comprehensive collection of teaching and research resources on global issues for all sectors of education. 

About The Centre for Global Education

The Centre is a non-governmental development organisation based in Belfast which aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage action toward social change. We organise events, deliver training, produce publications and provide a wide range of resources to target groups in the formal and non-formal education sectors. You can download many of our publications from this site and find out about the range of resources available from our library located on our premises at 9 University Street, Belfast. Please navigate around the site and send us your feedback and suggestions.


What We Do

Webinar on Development Education and Democracy in partnership with The DICE Project

This webinar discusses the threats to democracy presented by the rise of the far-right, deregulated capitalism and the corporate takeover of education.  With expert contributions from academics Audrey Bryan, Marta Da Costa and Brighid Golden, the webinar suggests how global learning and community activism can support participative democracy.