Educating for a Just and Sustainable World 

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  • Global Learning in Schools: Video Case Studies

    Global Learning Schools NI have released a series of six case studies, this time in video format! For an insight into how Global Learning is practised around NI, follow the link.

  • Providing Education Services in Palestine

    Since 2011, the Centre for Global Education has been providing education opportunities to children subjected to extreme poverty and conflict in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. 

  • Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme

    Find out more about our schools’ programme which provides teacher training, grants for international school partnerships and ongoing guidance and support. 

  • Resource Base

    The Centre for Global Education houses a comprehensive collection of teaching and research resources on global issues for all sectors of education. 

About The Centre for Global Education

The Centre is a non-governmental development organisation based in Belfast which aims to raise awareness of global issues and encourage action toward social change. We organise events, deliver training, produce publications and provide a wide range of resources to target groups in the formal and non-formal education sectors. You can download many of our publications from this site and find out about the range of resources available from our library located on our premises at 9 University Street, Belfast. Please navigate around the site and send us your feedback and suggestions.


What We Do

Centre for Global Education Film on Belfast Climate Strike

On 20 September 2019, seven thousand people took to the streets of Belfast to demand urgently needed action on climate change.  Inspired by the 16-year old Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, and her ‘Fridays for Future’ climate strike movement, the Centre for Global Education produced this film to give a voice to some of those involved.  The strike on 20 September was a ‘General Strike’ in which trade unions and civil society movements followed the lead of young climate activists to call for political action on the climate emergency locally and globally.  In the film we spoke to climate activists to find out why they got involved with the climate strikes and what they think should happen next.  Please share the film in schools, in the workplace, in communities and on social media.